2023 Partners is committed to creating opportunities for countries and companies that want to get involved in Minnesota.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to enable the financial, operational, and thematic success of global events in Minnesota by developing a holistic approach to business partnerships, content programming, and consumer experience that generate the necessary cashflow and funding such events, including the upcoming Manova Summit.


2023 Partners is the official business development and content programming partner of the Manova Summit. All companies, foundations, and other organizations that wish to engage with the Manovaa Summit in an official capacity, as suppliers and contractors, vendors and retailers, content distributors, or as general sponsors seeking branding opportunities, must work with 2023 Partners to ensure that there is a coordinated, streamlined and transparent process for all those involved. Specifically, 2023 Partners coordinates and manages Vendor/Supplier Relationships, Brand Development, Programmatic Content Development and Distribution, Digital Media, Retail Onsite Sales and Concessions, as well as Ticket Sales for our events.